Following my recent postings re. LIVGlam please see note below;

Dear Customers and Fans of LivGlam:

As some of you know, and some will find out with this note, LivGlam is closing it’s doors on December 27, 2014. The fashion business is a fickle one, and in order to stay on the cutting edge, sometimes a business needs to reinvent itself. This will be that time for LivGlam. We have had a good run, and we are grateful for your positive feedback, your loyalty, and your love.

That said, we are not disappearing completely. LivGlam is retiring as a brand, and the designers behind the brand will be taking a few weeks off, to rest and recharge their creative batteries. In the new year they will be back, refreshed and ready to debut a new Brand. A new name, new logos, new groups and a fresh, new style for the fashionistas of Second Life.

All LivGlam and K Collection gifts will be retired permanently, as of December 27th. If you are part of the group and you want any of the current gifts, you have until that day to grab them. We will be deleting our old LivGlam and K Collection groups, but we will post a notice before we do this and we will be giving all of our wonderful customers the opportunity to join the new group, free of charge, for 60 days.

All of our LivGlam products WILL continue to be available on the SL Marketplace, so you will still have access, in that venue, to all of the amazing designs you have come to love over the past few years.

This is not goodbye. It is merely au revoir.

Thank you and with love from,
The LivGlam Team