As I was walking around second life I happened to “overhear” something very interesting. Two people dressed in fully black with a cape on were whispering. As i sneaked closer pretending to randomly stand there i catched some interesting words….I was staring hard at the ground trying to make myself invisible while catching on to some words. I wasnt close enough to hear everything, but it sounded important.¬†

My eyes widened as I heard what they were talking about. MadPea is doing what? Did I hear this correct? Are they going to announce the new game? As I looked up suprised trying to see who it was they already left the spot. I quickly ran forward looking around, but they were gone. As i sighed and kicked the leafs on the ground I saw this little note. I picked it up and saw the following words on it: ” It’s time! Saturday April 20th….12 pm SLT make sure you meet me Fantasy Faire!”

This sounds very important…What could it be? I guess we will find out on saturday…..or not find out……